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5 Strategies that Profitable Forex Trader Follows

Profitable Forex Trader
Profitable forex traders gain this success with the help of trading strategies & trading mindset. So, lets discover the secrets of profitable forex trading strategies.
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Predict Market Reversal with Bearish Pin Bar

Bearish Pin bar
To be profitable in the financial markets, predicting the market moves is extremely important and bearish pin bar is the strongest tool to do so.
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Average Directional Index: The Best for Trend Strength

Average directional indicator: the best for trend strength
The Average Directional Index (ADX) is technical analysis tool that tells the trader the strength of the market trend.
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Best Times for Day Trading Stocks

best time for day trading stocks
In day trading stocks, taking the right positions in the right stocks but at the wrong times will Not make you profitable.
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Best Triangle Patterns in Trading That WORK

If you want to make good money in trading, Triangle patterns will help you do that very quickly.
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5 Steps process in price action trading System

5 things to look before placing order in price action trading
If you are willing to develop your own price action trading system then keep these five things in mind and make them a part of your trading system.
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Body Language of Price in Price Action Trading

Body language in price action trading
As body language enhances communication, therefore understanding the body language of price is as important as understanding the price movements itself.
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4 Tips: How to Trade in Bear Market

Bear Market
Traders make money when the price is going up, they make more money when the price is going down. Trading bear market effectively is the quickest way to make money in trading.
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3 Steps to Become a Profitable Trader

A profitable trader with cash on his hand
Why few traders are successful and few are not although they are working on the same trading strategies? Here is the three step process to become a profitable trader.
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A Unique Quality of Super Traders that only one percent has

A unique quality of super trader
There is a specific quality that only expert traders have and that differentiate them from the rest of the 99% traders. Due to this quality, they are always on the right side of the market.
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