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13 Benefits of Stock Market Business

There is no best and clean business in this world as that of stock market. if you know how to do the stock market trading or investing then this is the ideal business for anyone. This business has such benefits that cannot be seen in any other business of the world. And the person who realize these benefits he can better cash these benefits. But before starting this business, keep one thing in mind, do not indulge in this business directly. There are many businessmen or employees who think that they can leave their current business and start doing trading business right after that. It is not that easy that you can start it directly otherwise you will get more harm than benefits in this business. To start this business first, you have to educate yourself about the strategies and tools used in this business. Better to start it as a side hustle along with your current business or job and give yourself proper time to get yourself adjusted in the business and understand its system. Don’t judge the depth with both feet. First, get yourself aware of this business and be skillful in trading then fully indulge in the business. There are countless benefits in this business and let’s fathom few of them.

Stock market business

1. Freedom

The best thing that we can feel about the stock market is the freedom of living life. In other businesses, you can have limitations of office, or factory or time limitations. But in share market businesses there are no geographical or time limitations. You can do this business by sitting in the comfort of your home, or by enjoying on the beach or taking a fresh air in some park. We all fight for such a freedom in life in which we can do what we want to do and when we want to do it. The persons who are doing 9-5 jobs are well aware of the value of this kind of freedom. All they want is not money but the freedom, the freedom of living a life.

2. Be Your Own Boss

In stock market, no one can dictate you to do something they want you to do. In jobs you have to beg to your boss for leaves that are being offered very occasionally. We have only one life and that too we are not supposed to live with the dictation of someone else. In job we are working to fulfil the dreams of others. But in stock or share market it is other way round. Here the decision making is in your hand. You have not to apply for leaves to go somewhere or relax at home. Here you are working for yourself, to fulfil your dreams. In stock market you are your own boss.

Be your own boss

3. No Credit/Loan is involved

The first benefit that this business has is that business does not involve any kind of credit system or loan that you are worried about. You will not have any chance of bad debts here. Buying and selling both are based on cash. Majority of business in this world are on credit basis either you are a wholesaler or retailer. Sometimes you buy on cash basis but you have to sell on credit basis and sometimes you purchase on credit basis and sell on cash basis. But in this business, buying and selling both are on cash business which gives this business a unique quality. So you will be free from any kind of tension of bad debts or trust issue on any other party. The stock exchanges give the full guarantee of your money.  You don’t know anything about your buyer or seller but things are settled down by the stock exchange and this is the beauty of the stock market.

No credit or loan is required

4. 100% Transparency

This business is so much transparent that you cannot find any other business which shows that much transparency. The buying or selling rate of a stock that is being shown to a person sitting in New York is also being shown to other person sitting in Sydney or Tokyo or Toronto or any other location of the world. The buying and selling rate of a stock remain same throughout the world and to all small or large businessmen whether they are purchasing one thousand shares or one million shares.

5. No Bulk Discount

We are all equal in the eye of stock market. irrespective of the fact that you are billionaire, millionaire or an ordinary employee in a small organization, it will offer the same rate of the stock to anyone whether you purchase million share or five shares. In every other business of the world there is bulk discount means, that if you buy more product, the rate will be different for you but it is not like here that go straight in favor of the small investor. In other businesses, discounts are decided on the basis of quantity is irrelevant in trading business which fascinate a lot.

6. No Restriction on Exit

Another important perk of this business is the freedom to exit the business. Whenever you want, you can exit the business by closing all of your positions without bearing any loss due to exit. Think of a shopkeeper or a small factory or any other small business, if he wants to exit there will be lot of hurdles like the stock available will be wastage or he has to sell it on a very minor price, the infrastructure or decoration will be wastage, the creditors will ultimately make him suffer and it will take a lot of time to completely close the business, but there is no such thing in the stock market business. You can exit the stock market business in a matter of minutes.

7. No Expansion Cost

If you are running a small business for example whose turnover is 5 million but you want to increase it to 50 million then think how much employees you have to increase, how much investment and planning & time you required on infrastructure. But in stock market business, there is no cost or time involves in increasing the investment. In stock market you can either increase or decrease the business with the same infrastructure without bearing any extra cost and within no time.

8. Your Absence will not Impact Your Business

Your absence does not matter in this business. If you have purchased few stocks then it is not necessary to stay in front of the trading screen. You can close your laptop and can do whatever you want to do. The stocks market investment will work for you and the stock exchanges will protect your investments. In fact, the stock market is a true example of making money when you are sleeping. No one can steel your investment because of your absence and there is no chance of theft. You cannot even know your suppliers and customers. You can even exit the business for a number of days without any extra cost. If you want to go on a world trip and do not want to trade during these days then exit your positions, go to trip, enjoy your life and on your return, you can start the business from the same point. You can also take care of this business from anywhere in the world. You just need a laptop or a mobile and an internet connection to do all the business. The book “how I made two million from the stock market” is a true example of making money while travelling the world.

9. No Documentation Required

Those who are doing some kind of physical business especially in the third world countries may know that doing business there is not a piece of cake. The ease of doing business matters a lot. In such countries there are a lot of restriction and documentation required to do the business. The businessman should be well aware of the labor laws, taxation laws etc. and there is a lot of government department interferences involved. To cover such things there is a lot of documentation required which is not possible for an ordinary person. In the stock market business, no such documentation is required no government authorities and interrupt or disturb your business.

10. Cost of Doing Business

The cost of doing business in stock market is very low. You are not required to build any kind of infrastructure or office. There is no advertisement cost, no travelling cost involved in this business. You can do it from your home by using an ordinary laptop or mobile. You are not required to publish any kind of media or run the promotion to do this business. Only commission of the stock broker is charged on transactions which is very negligible with respect to transaction amount.

11. No Minimum Limit of Investment

There is no huge amount required to do this business. There is no initial capital requirement in this business. You can start it with very small amount that you have even from one thousand and you will be in business. And with the amount you will enjoy all the perks that an investor with hundred million has. So, there is no excuse of not having the investment to start this business. Even Warren Buffett has started this business with very minor investment at a very early age.

12. No One can Judge Your Income

The income is hidden in this business. No one even your family members, friends or relatives can judge that how much you are earning unless you tell them. In other businesses, people can easily have an idea about your income from the outlook of your business but here its all secret. Here in stock market, no one can judge your income even sitting in front of you. You can be billionaire here easily without knowing anyone else in the society.

13. Limited Time Working

There is only half day working in the stock market and five days a week. The rest of the time you can enjoy your life with friends and family. You can join any club and focus on your health as well. All government leaves are also applied on stock market so you have not to work when others are resting. This is such a peaceful and calm business that you can never feel a work or time pressure in this business.

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